Security Measures you should consider

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Security Van NuysBurglars and thieves are on the rise, they happen to be gaining in experience and knowledge all the time. Since these unlawful characters are getting smarter and discovering new ways to break down peoples security it means we need to be extra careful and try to stay one step ahead of the game at all times. Very often people think that when they lock their door at night that’s it them, their family and belongings are safe, well with all the new technologies available we could be unfortunately most of us leave security to chance. Many of us are an open door, easy target just inviting the wrong kind of attention and this goes not just for our homes also our places of work too.  Having the right security system for your property is imperative here are a few security options which you should try to look into to update or re-secure your building.

Intercom – Depending on the type of intercom system you choose you can either visibly identify a person, or audible identify before granting them access to your property.

CCTV – Closed Circuit tv can monitor all areas and aspects of your property from the inside to the outside, you can keep a close eye on

Alarm System – Can alert neighbors and authorities if there is a break in attempt by sounding an alarm.

Gate – A lockable gate that protects the outer perimeter of your property allowing nobody to approach unless punched in with an access code, key card or visibly

Garage Door – Most people use the garage door more than the front door, making sure there are no weak areas in the door itself or the connecting passage which leads to your home. Make sure the garage door is functioning properly and is well maintained to prevent access this way.  Be aware if you lose your garage door opener that someone can be cruising round trying to see which door will open. Always fix any garage door problems.

Windows – don’t leave windows wide open, make sure the windows are fitted with locks.

Door Locks – Be sure to have the appropriate locks fitted on all your doors, always monitor them and make sure they are in good working order. Deadbolts combined with other locks are normally used on residential property.

Lighting – Having some kind of outdoor lighting that is motion censored can deter prospective threats.

Brace doorframes – A bracing behind a doorframe that is hidden and can hurt someone who tries to kick, or force their way in. One of the most common entries is by kicking a door with the added layer of protection it will make it very difficult.

Plants – Big trees and bushes can be used to obstruct views into windows and make it difficult to get close.

Sliding Glass Doors – Make sure these are installed correctly and fully functional if not they can be a prime target.

Pets – A barking dog will always act as a great deterrent and keep you company.

Get a Safe – It would be a good idea to invest in a safe that you can keep all your valuables, paperwork and identifications in. There is also a growing crime rate for identity theft.

These are just a few ideas of ways you might be able to keep your property a little bit safer. When looking into updating your security measure find a professional that can help you make those important decision and advice you on the best options. A locksmith will be able to pretty much help with most of the above, plus they tend to work around the clock if you ever find yourself locked out or you lose your keys. Select a company that you feel comfortable with and that you feel will be able to provide the products, installation service and has a lot of knowledge regarding the security industry.

Locksmith Van Nuys