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Locksmith Van Nuys Security Systems

In this day and age protecting your business should be high on the list of your proprieties. Unfortunately, over time, burglars and thieves have become savvier and savvier into the latest security developments and pose a great threat to your company if you are not up to date with security that fits your property, style of business, and location. You will become an easy mark for unsavory activity, attracting the wrong kind of characters to your location. It is also important as a business owner and employer that your staff feel safe and secure along with any merchandise, valuables, money, documents, and other effects held at your location. Here are a few of the different security methods available in today’s market:

Locksmith Van Nuys Security Systems

Security Systems Locksmith Van Nuys

Access Control – This is a restrictive system that limits access to the building and certain areas within your property. Access Control Systems come in varying forms, anything from a physical barrier, card reader, key code, magnetic swipe reader, touch key fob, finger print or even retina scan.

Swipe card – Magnetic Swipe cards are quite a popular method for a lot of businesses. You insert your magnetic swipe card into a card reader, the card reader will process the information given on the card and grant you access to your allocated locations, usually, an LED will show up green and allow you to enter.

Pin Code Entry – A simple code generator system with a group of numbers or letters that will allow or not allow you to enter

Biometric – This control system is using the very latest technologies and is one of the best types of systems available but is also one of the more expensive options and tends to be used by major firms. Biometric access can mean fingerprint use, facial recognition, iris recognition, retina scan, voice analysis, or even hand geometry.  A machine will scan your body part and allow you access to the building, with this type of system you can generate a database of times and areas each person has accessed as well as limiting access.

High-Security Locks – usually made from toughened fabric, multi cylinders, and bump-proof fabric to help prevent lock picking and bumping. All commercial properties still have a mechanical locking system even if it is just a backup.

As with all systems, there can still be some risks, even if you are using a dual system like pin code and biometric analysis. People may tailgate an authorized holder or something as simple as general good manners like someone holding a door open for the person behind them can result in an unauthorized person entering the building. It is important that your personnel are also trained in security awareness to prevent intruders and that each individual is responsible for their ID. The down fails of these systems are that they are can be hacked using a card reader to identify a pin code

There are also CCTV, surveillance measures that can be installed to monitor the outer perimeters of your property as well as keeping an eye on the internal happenings.

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