Double Sided Keys

Van Nuys Double-Sided Keys Service

Sometimes, it helps to have a key that has more than one purpose when it comes to better accessibility. For instance, with regular locks, the key is only able to be inserted one way.

So if you insert it upside down (the wrong way), there is no way the key will be able to unlock the door; as a matter of fact, it won’t even go in at all!

Van Nuys Double Sided Keys Service

Double Sided Keys

The Exception to the Rule

However, double-sided keys are the exception to the rule. Especially if you are in an emergency. Having a double-sided key is a benefit to you, and here’s why.

Double Sided Keys are Very Useful

Let’s say that you need to get inside your home fast, it’s an emergency. You left the stove on, or maybe you need to use the restroom, or you just got home and you feel like somebody is following you, making you a bit anxious in the process. And then you go to turn the key on your front door, and it doesn’t turn right away.

You try to wiggle the key in the cylinder, but the lock refuses to budge, so you wiggle it again, and finally, the lock turns on the last wiggle. Think of how much time you just wasted trying to open the lock with your plain old key. Double-sided keys are keys that, no matter which way you insert them in the lock, they will unlock your door!

double sided keys van nuysThe 4-Sided Keys

Double-sided keys are also known as “4-sided keys” because the keys have grooves on both sides. These type of keys can be inserted either way into the lock. Regular keys have a flat edge and grooves on only one side. This means that the key can only be inserted ONE way.

Double-sided keys can NOT be duplicated. This makes them more secure and impossible to be copied. So you can be sure that your home will be 100% protected! However, if you need more than one key later on, you will need to make the key from scratch.

Car Keys

A perfect example of double-sided keys is your car keys. If you haven’t noticed, your car key has grooves on both sides which means if you put it in the door or in the ignition slot, it can and will unlock your door and start your vehicle.

Double Sided Keys Service All Day, Every Day

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