A Locksmith In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Locksmith Van Nuys

Our Services:

Van Nuys Locksmiths with some of the world’s leading brands behind us have always offered a service par excellence, for our discerning customers for years and who are now the pillars of our success.
Locks are our business and Locksmith Van Nuys technicians are professionals and are trained and experienced to install any sophisticated security system, anywhere.
CCTV, digital access control, time lock safes and electronic lockers are some of the security systems that are being installed by Locksmiths Van Nuys.
 We have many security systems which could be tailor made to suit each and every requirement whatever that would be and we would be happy to visit you and discuss your security concerns and help you out at very reasonable costs to you.
Locksmiths in Van Nuys maintains some of the high security systems installed in the county and with security becoming a major concern in today’s high crime environment, Van Nuys locksmith has introduce some unique anti-burglary locks.
We have also introduced our emergency 24 Hour service that is available to our customers round the clock and whether it is a simple door lock that you cannot open, or a car door that would not let you in or even a garage door that keeps you out in the cold we are ready with our well equipped fleet of vehicles to come to your rescue.

Our Locks

Locks that are vulnerable have been changed to the new advanced “Kinetic Defense Technology” by our locksmith services technicians and brought solace to our customers and we have apprised them that they are safer now and would not be at the mercy of unscrupulous individuals who would target either their homes or offices.
This technology with a five or six pin tumbler mechanism automatically jams a lock that is forcibly opened and now Van Nuys Locksmith has the technological expertise to open these locks and grant access to the authorized personnel.
Backed by the world’s leading security companies Van Nuys Locksmiths could provide you with some of the best security solutions and put your mind at ease that your home and office are well secured and safe from break-ins. 

Our Team

Any technician recruited to our locksmith services is carefully security screened and whilst this is a requirement of the relevant regulatory bodies, Van Nuys Locksmith takes it a step further and screens all our technicians randomly and regularly.
We are well aware that our customers pay a premium to install sophisticated and expensive security systems in their homes and offices and under no circumstances could we at Van Nuys Locksmith undermine that.
Van Nuys Locksmiths would not leave anything to chance, as we cannot provide security to others if our house is not safe and on this premise we take very stringent measures to keep our house safe.

This has kept our stables free of any undesirables and hence in an emergency calling our 24 hour locksmith emergency services for all your locking problems 24 x 7 will keep you safe always.