An Overview of The Best Automotive Locksmith Services

automotive locksmithKeys and Safe Service’s Best Automotive Locksmith Services

Automotive locksmith services provide different solutions to different problems. For example, not everyone is skilled enough to extract a key from their car, so they may call in a professional to help.

Or the trunk is locked with all your precious belongings inside and you are unable to retrieve it. Whatever the case is, there is a professional that deals exclusively with car lock and key problems. And that person is called an Automotive Locksmith.

At Keys Services Van Nuys, we provide our customers with topnotch automotive solutions that help them get back on their feet no matter what they’ve been through. The following are some of the most popular automotive services we provide in Van Nuys today.

  • Car Lockout

    • A car lockout is one of the most common things that happens. Of course, no one would like to go through that, and when you’re in such a situation, you wouldn’t know what to do. Sometimes we think we can do it on our own, but all we do is more damage and end up regretting it later. An automotive locksmith has a safe way of doing it without inflicting any harm to the vehicle. They have the proper tools to open the vehicle safely and securely. And it takes approximately 25-30 minutes to get it accomplished.
  • Ignition Repair

    • You might think ignition problems have to do with a mechanic but, the issue has more to do with the lock in the ignition than you think. A professional locksmith is fully capable of replacing the ignition switch. They can safely remove a broken key from the ignition as well. For this reason, a locksmith is more often a cost-saver for people that have ignition problems. Additionally, a locksmith can repair the lock mechanism so the owner doesn’t have to waste more time taking it to a mechanic. A professional locksmith makes sure to fix or replace it in a very careful, proper way with the right tools.
  • Car Key Replacement

    • An experienced locksmith will be able to replace a key without the original one being on site. In the same way, dealers use the services of a locksmith for replacing, programming, and even cutting a key. These automotive locksmiths are able to do a key for a push-to-start vehicle, a fob key, and even a reflash key. They are also able to make a key with a VIN number or with the car locks themselves.
  • Trunk Lockout

    • Trunk lockouts are very hard to open when you accidentally leave your keys inside. No need to worry, because a professional locksmith can easily get it open. It all depends if you have a trunk release- a simple way of just unlocking your car and using the trunk release to pop it up. If you don’t have a trunk release, a locksmith will need to collect more information such as the year, make, and model of your vehicle. If any trunk parts are broken, a locksmith can open it without incurring any more damage.
  • Car Lock Rekeying

    • Rekeying your car locks is possible. However, if you don’t quite feel comfortable enough to attempt it yourself, let a locksmith take care of it. Once the rekey is done, the locksmith will provide the proper key that fits the car locks right. By choosing a professional, you are choosing a safe and trusted way to rekey your locks as your technician will use the right tools to get the job done.

All the Best Automotive Services at Keys and Safes Services

If you have any questions, you can always give Keys and Safes Services Van Nuys a call. One of our technicians will contact you and provide you with more details on the type of job you need. We are sure you won’t regret getting service from us, guaranteed.